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Oracle® x86 Server Diagnostics, Applications, and Utilities Guide

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Updated: June 2016

System Information Menu

Select System Information in the Pc-Check main menu to view the System Information menu. Select items in this menu to see detailed information.

The following table describes the System Information menu options.

System Overview Menu
Displays basic information about your system, motherboard, BIOS, processor, memory cache, drives, video, modem, network, buses, and ports.
Component Audit Menu
Creates a text document describing your system for Oracle Service personnel.
System Management Info
Displays information about the BIOS type, system, motherboard, enclosure, processors, memory modules, cache, slots, system event log, memory array, memory devices, memory device mapped addresses, and system boot.
PCI Bus Info
Displays details about specific devices from pci-config space within the system, similar to the System Management Information section.
PCMCIA/ CardBus Info
Displays information about PCMCIA/CardBus devices.
IDE Bus Info
Displays information about the IDE bus.
Interrupt Vectors
Displays a list of interrupt vectors.
IRQ Routing Info
Shows hardware interrupt assignments.
Device Drivers
Shows device drivers loaded under Open DOS.
APM Info
Enables you to test and configure the Advanced Power Management (APM) capabilities of the system. You can choose to change the power state, view the power status, indicate CPU usage, get a power management event, or change the interface mode.
I/O Port Browser
Shows the I/O port assignment for the hardware devices on the system.
Memory Browser
Enables you to view the mapped memory for the entire system.
Sector Browser
Reads sector information from the hard disks sector by sector.
CPU Freq. Monitor
Tests the processor speed.
CMOS RAM Utilities
Shows the CMOS settings of the system.
SCSI Utils
Provides SCSI device options.
Text File Editor
Opens a file editor.
Start-Up Options
Enables you to set up startup options for diagnostics testing.