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Oracle® x86 Server Diagnostics, Applications, and Utilities Guide

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Updated: June 2016

View Pc-Check Files With the Text File Editor

Before You Begin

View the header of the page where you invoke the test to determine the name of the output file. For example, when you run the continuous burn-in test, the name of the output file is PCCHECK.BRN, as shown in the following figure.

image:Figure showing the Pc-Check Continuous Burn-in Testing                             page.

Other files include PCCHECK.JNL and PCCHECK.HII. The .HII file is especially important because it shows the entire host configuration at the time of failure.

  1. On the Pc-Check main menu, select System Information Menu, and press Enter.

    The System Information Menu appears:

    image:Figure showing the Pc-Check system information menu
  2. Select Text File Editor, and press Enter.

    Pc-Check prompts for a file name.

  3. Type the file name (for example, PCCHECK.JNL), and press Enter.

    The editor opens with the file displayed:

    image:Figure showing the a JNL file in the text editor.