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Oracle® x86 Server Diagnostics, Applications, and Utilities Guide

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Updated: June 2016

Basic Command Syntax

This section describes basic CLI syntax conventions that are used in this guide.

Within this document, CLI commands appear in monospace font. The fs0:/> characters represent an example of the UEFI shell command prompt and should not be entered as part of the command.

{ }
Braces indicate required items.
[ ]
Brackets indicate optional items.
Italic type indicates a variable. Substitute a value for the variable.
A vertical line indicates a required choice within braces or an optional choice within brackets.

For example, in the following command syntax:

udiag storage mst { all | <device_name> } [ -time <n> ]

  • udiag storage mst – Indicates the UEFI diagnostics test to start.

  • all | <device_name> – Indicates a required choice between testing all storage devices, or a specific storage device that is entered in place of the device_name variable.

  • -time <n> – Indicates an optional choice to test the storage device(s) for a specific amount of time, entered in place of the n variable.