7.146 (x86 Only) HP Smart Array CCISS Disk Devices Are Not Supported For Creation of Local Storage Repositories

HP Smart Array disk devices backed by the older CCISS module are not supported for use as a local storage repository, or for use as raw disks for virtual machines, or for server pool file systems. HP Smart Array disk devices backed by the HPSA module are fully supported.

To verify whether the controller has support for the HPSA module, first obtain the PCI ID of the raid controller for the local disk using the following command:

lspci -vnn|grep "RAID bus controller"

Check the list of controllers supported by the HPSA module to confirm whether or not your controller's PCI ID appears within the list, by running the following command:

modinfo hpsa -F alias

If your controller is supported, ensure that you use the HPSA module instead of the CCISS module for your controller.

Bug 16072257