7.3 The Virtual Machine Console Window in the Oracle VM Manager Web Interface Opens in the Background when using Microsoft Internet Explorer

The virtual machine VNC or serial console windows, that can be opened from within the Oracle VM Manager Web Interface, may initially open in the background and not have immediate focus when using Microsoft Internet Explorer. This means that after you click on the menu option to open a console dialog, it initially appears as if nothing has happened as the main browser window remains in the foreground. However, the console window has opened but is in the background. This is the result of a bug in the underlying framework that is used for the development of the Oracle VM Manager Web Interface.

Workaround: Do one of the following:

  • Check in the Windows task bar to determine whether another window has been opened in the background, or use the Alt-Tab key combination to cycle through open windows.

  • Use a different browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Chrome to connect to the Oracle VM Manager Web Interface.

Bug 21235816