7.44 Network Receive Statistics For A Virtual Machine Are Invalid And Set To -1

DRS/DPM algorithms that monitor network load on a virtual machine do comparisons between the most recent network statistics and the previous network statistics to determine the deltas that can then be evaluated in terms of user-defined thresholds.

The network statistics are captured as unsigned integers. This means that they have a range of [0, 4294967295]. If the number of bytes received is greater than 4 GB the value of the integer overflows and begins from 0 again. In this situation, it is possible the start value for the statistic recorded by Oracle VM Manager is greater than the end statistic. Once this has occurred, Oracle VM Manager sets this statistic to -1 as it is no longer meaningful or valid.

If you have a DRS/DPM policy set to trigger on network load, the following error may appear in the log:

VM rx stats are not valid, the stats wrapped around.

In the event that an invalid network statistic is returned, the statistic is ignored by the DRS/DPM algorithm for that cycle. Normal behavior resumes on the next cycle. This bug has a very limited effect and is only noticeable on very loaded networks where the occasional log message may appear.

Workaround: There is no workaround required for this issue. It is expected behavior and the issue is resolved automatically by the environment.

Bug 22550810