7.24 When A Virtual Machine Using A Shared Virtual Disk Is Moved To Another Repository, The Shared Virtual Disk Is Cloned

When a virtual machine that is using a shared virtual disk is moved to another repository, the shared virtual disk is cloned during the move process to allow the virtual machine to continue to use the resources on the shared virtual disk. This may not be the behavior that you expect when you move a virtual machine and could result in duplicated data resources that could eventually become unsynchronized and difficult to reconcile.

This design decision allows virtual machines to be restarted after a move with minimum impact as all used resources continue to be available. However, the behavior is not intuitive and may be modified in subsequent releases.

Workaround: Be aware of the existing behavior and detach any shared disks before moving the virtual machine. If the virtual machine needs to make use of resources on the shared disk, detach the shared disk from all virtual machines and move it separately before reconfiguring your virtual machine to use it again. Make sure that all virtual machines that require access to the same shared disk are located in the same repository.

Bug 21316001