4.7 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM 3.1.1

The following notable bugs are fixed in Oracle VM Release 3.1.1:

  • Outage scenario requires acknowledging multiple events on multiple objects. (13845733)

  • The installer does not allow the reuse of an existing database. (13744793)

  • Cannot remove server pool file system from Oracle VM Manager if the server pool file system is corrupted. (13601257)

  • Unable to create a repository on a LUN that already has partitions on it. (13596838)

  • HVM guests failed to start or panic when MEM is not equal to MAXMEM. (13560881)

  • Cannot remove VM and Oracle VM Server from Oracle VM Manager if the Oracle VM Server goes away. (13473061)

  • OCFS2 storage repository size is not updated in core and user interface even if repository is refreshed. (13449381)

  • Oracle VM Server boot over multipath SAN fails to initialize DM MP devices. (13341598)

  • VM start is pending. (13044663)

  • API for CPU utilization returning negative values. (12999197)

  • Resizing a physical disk/LUN does not resize the file system. (12962538)

  • Oracle VM Server fails to boot from multipath SAN disks. (12682785)

  • Unable to upgrade from Oracle VM Server Release 3.0.3 to Oracle VM Server Release 3.1.1 on an HP ProLiant BL680c G5 Server. (14690247)