7.87 Operation Transactions

A major change to the way in which the CLI and Oracle VM Manager Web Interfaceinteracts with Oracle VM Manager means that transactions have changed in Release 3.3.1. From Release 3.3.1 onwards, if an operation that contains child operations fails, it is important to check the state of all objects affected by the parent and child operations. For example, during the creation of a server pool, the parent command calls a number of child operations. If any of these child operations fail, the command returns an error, but the server pool object may still be created by the parent operation. In this case, the server pool object must be removed manually before attempting to create the server pool again.

Workaround: If an operation fails, check to ensure that the object you were attempting to create is not listed within Oracle VM Manager. If the object is listed, you must remove it before attempting to create it again.

Bugs 17377700, 17436889