7.57 Discovery of Oracle VM Server on FCoE LUN Fails Due to Interface Name

Oracle VM Manager cannot discover Oracle VM Server if the server is installed on an Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) LUN over a Broadcom Converged Network Adapter (CNA) and the interface name is appended with -fcoe; for example, eth.1002-fcoe.

Discovery fails with the following error message:

OVMAPI_6055E Discover target: server_name, Discover failed with error: For input string: "1002-fcoe"

In addition, to avoid issues with interface names and discovery of Oracle VM Server, you should:

  • Avoid including a period mark "." in the interface name. If you add the interface to a VLAN, the name of the interface then includes two period marks. For example, you name an interface as MyName2.ab. If you then add the interface to a VLAN, a second period mark is included in the name, such as MyName2.2ab.5.

  • Create interface names that are less than 15 characters. If you plan to add the interface to a VLAN, you should allow at least two characters in the interface name for the VLAN ID.

  • Ensure that the interface name of a VLAN follows the format of InterfaceName.1234, where 1234 is the VLAN ID that contains numeric characters only.

Workaround: Manually edit the name of the interface to remove the *-fcoe string. For example, change the name of the interface from MyName-fcoe to MyName.

Bug 22634846