3.8 What's New in Oracle VM Release 3.0.3?

The new features and enhancements in Oracle VM Release 3.0.3 include:

Performance, Scalability and Security

  • Anti-Affinity Support: Define which virtual machines cannot reside on the same Oracle VM Servers. Use this feature to achieve better availability by ensuring that critical resources do not reside on a shared single point of failure. See Anti-Affinity Groups Perspective in the Oracle VM Manager User's Guide for information on anti-affinity .

  • Change Oracle VM Agent Password: The Oracle VM Agent password for all Oracle VM Servers in a server pool can be changed from Oracle VM Manager.


  • Maintain Oracle VM Manager Identity After Reinstall: See Installing Oracle VM Manager in the Oracle VM Installation and Upgrade Guide for information on how to reinstall Oracle VM Manager and maintain the previous UUID.


  • User Interface: Improved wizards to allow smooth operation and closely match operational needs.

  • Virtual Machines: Explicitly set maximum memory when creating virtual machines. Flexibility to update virtual disk attributes. Choose thick or thin provision. CDROM dynamic update. Virtual machine console does not require username/password. See Understanding Virtual Machines in the Oracle VM Concepts Guide for information on these new virtual machine features.

  • Live Migration Assistant: During live migration, only allowed target Oracle VM Servers can be selected in the Live Migration dialog box. An additional section entitled Why don't I see other servers to migrate to? shows why migrating to a given server is not possible. Anti-affinity and hardware factors such as CPU family are taken into account.

  • Maximum Guest Memory: The new Create Virtual Machine wizard contains a maximum memory setting. This is the maximum amount of RAM you can configure for the running virtual machine.