7.138 (x86 Only) Unclean File System Causes Errors When Used as a Server Pool File System

If a server pool file system is not clean (contains existing files and server pool cluster information) and used to create a server pool, a number of errors may occur.

  • Cannot create a server pool using the file system. The following error is displayed:

    OVMAPI_4010E Attempt to send command: create_pool_filesystem to server: server_name failed. 
    OVMAPI_4004E Server Failed Command: create_pool_filesystem  ... No such file or directory

    Bug 12839313

  • An OCFS2-based storage repository becomes orphaned (the clusterId that was used when the OCFS2 file system was created no longer exists), you cannot mount or refresh the repository, and the following error is displayed:

    "OVMRU_002037E Cannot present the Repository to server: server_name. Both server and repository 
    need to be in the same cluster."

Workaround: Clean the file system of all files before it is used as a server pool file system.

Bug 12838839