7.82 Change in Variable Name for the eventGetTypes SOAP Call using Oracle VM Web Services API

The member variable in the response class for the eventGetTypes call in the SOAP API was changed from return to eventTypes in Oracle VM 3.3.3. Therefore, if you have client code written for the SOAP API using the original WSDL or client library code provided with an earlier release, the parser for this call may fail.

The REST API is unaffected by this change.

Workaround: If you used the client library OvmWsClient.jar provided in the SDK within your client code, this problem is easily remedied by simply updating the OvmWsClient.jar file with a version from the current release. Alternately, if you did not use the supplied client library and relied on the WSDL to build your own library instead, you may need to rebuild your own library.


The SOAP API is deprecated and support will be discontinued in future releases. If you are affected by this bug, consider changing your code to use the REST API instead. This is the preferred approach to resolving this issue.

Bug 22005704