7.115 (SPARC Only) Serial Console Hangs During Installation of Oracle Solaris 11 on Virtual Machine

The serial console in the Oracle VM Manager Web Interface hangs during the installation of Oracle Solaris 11 on a virtual machine.

Workaround: Manually access the console from the Oracle VM Server hosting the virtual machine, by identifying UUID and the port where the virtual machine is running, and then telnetting to that port from the Oracle VM Server. For example, to access the console for a virtual machine with UUID 0004fb00000600000a395ecc901e7822:

# ldm list
NAME                             STATE      FLAGS   CONS    VCPU  MEMORY   UTIL  UPTIME
primary                          active     -n-cv-  SP      16    16G      9.3%  44d 20h 41m
0004fb00000600000a395ecc901e7822 active     -n----  5000    8     4G       0.2%  2d 14m
0004fb000006000014fcd950934fbb3f active     -n----  5001    8     4G       0.6%  4d 22h 51m
0004fb00000600006e6e2b1504cf6f64 active     -n----  5003    8     4G       0.2%  2d 9m
0004fb0000060000fc8632393068ee2b active     -n----  5002    8     4G       0.2%  3d 19h 4m

# telnet localhost 5000
Trying ::1...
telnet: connect to address ::1: Connection refused
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.

Connecting to console "0004fb00000600000a395ecc901e7822" in group "0004fb00000600000a395ecc901e7822
Press ~? for control options .. 

Bug 18082287