7.127 (x86 Only) Solaris 10 Release 8/11 Guest Hangs at Boot

When booting a virtual machine with Oracle Solaris 10 Release 8/11, the guest OS hangs when the copyright information screen appears. This is caused by a change in CPUID handling in dom0, which triggers a Solaris bug on platforms with CPUs of the Westmere-EP family.

Workaround: To make Solaris 10 run, kill the virtual machine from Oracle VM Manager and then apply the following manual fix:

  1. At boot, edit the grub menu: append the -kd kernel boot parameter. This runs the Solaris kernel debugger.

  2. Continue the boot sequence up to Solaris kmdb.

  3. At the kmdb prompt, enter the following command:

    Welcome to kmdb
    [0]> apix_enable/W 0
  4. Enter :c to continue the system boot sequence.

  5. When Solaris has been installed and has successfully booted, make this fix persistent by adding the following line to /etc/system:

    set apix_enable = 0

Bug 13876544