7.8 Solaris 11 x86 Virtual Machine Disk Type Can Cause Kernel Panic on Boot

On Oracle VM, Solaris 11 x86 virtual machines are all installed and run with Xen Virtual Disk (XVD) disks by default. Exporting a Solaris 11 x86 virtual machine as a virtual appliance (OVA), and then importing it to a virtualization platform that supports a different disk type or disk controller, changes the path to the boot disk for the virtual machine. As a result, a kernel panic occurs for the Solaris 11 x86 virtual machine because it cannot locate the boot disk.

Workaround: Use the Solaris 11 x86 live installation ISO to boot the Solaris virtual machine. When the live installation GUI displays, open a terminal window and change to the root user. Run zpool import -f rpool and then run shutdown. After the virtual machine shuts down, remove the live installation ISO and boot from the disk.

Bug 21253581