7.137 NFSv4 Read/Write Delegation Not Supported

As of Release 3.3.1, Oracle VM does not support NFS V4 read/write delegation. NFS V4 delegation must be disabled on network storage devices used for Oracle VM.

The following procedures provide examples for disabling NFS V4 read/write delegation on different network storage devices. You should refer to the manufacturer's documentation for your storage device to review additional details.

To disable read/write delegation on an Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, log in to the browser user interface. Select Configuration and then Services. Locate and then click NFS. Deselect Enable NFSv4 delegation and then click Apply.

To disable read/write delegation on a NetApp filer, go to the NetApp console. Select FilerView, then click NFS->Configure. Select no on the following two pull-down menus:

  • Enable Read Delegation on NFS Version 4

  • Enable Write Delegation on NFS Version 4

Bug 18391474