7.58 DNS Round-Robin and Nested NFS Export Configurations Result in Errors for Oracle VM Server Storage Repositories

The following configurations result in errors with NFS repositories in an Oracle VM environment:

  • If you configure your DNS so that a single hostname is assigned to multiple IP addresses, or a round-robin configuration, the storage repository is mounted repeatedly on the Oracle VM Server file system.

  • If your NFS file system has other NFS file systems that reside inside the directory structure, or nested NFS exports, exporting the top level file directory from the NFS server results in an error where Oracle VM Server cannot access the storage repository. In this scenario, the OVMRU_002063E No utility server message is returned for certain jobs and written to AdminServer.log.

    For more information about resolving errors with nested NFS exports, see Doc ID 2109556.1 in the Oracle Support Knowledge Base.

Workaround: Do not use DNS round-robin configurations or nested NFS exports in an Oracle VM environment.

Bug 22234686