7.61 Virtual Machine Configurations Take the Maximum CPU and Memory Values from the OVF of a Virtual Appliance

If you export a virtual machine as a virtual appliance and include the maximum CPU value in the OVF, virtual machines that you create from the virtual appliance use the maximum CPU value as the number of processors currently in use. For example, you have a virtual machine with a current processors value of 30 and a maximum processors value of 128. You export that virtual machine as a virtual appliance and then create a new virtual machine from the virtual appliance. The resulting virtual machine has a current processors value of 128. If you display the virtual machine configuration, however, the values match those of the exported OVF.

This issue also affects the current amount of memory and maximum amount of memory for virtual machines.

Workaround: After creating a virtual machine from an exported virtual appliance, ensure the CPU and memory configurations are using the correct settings. Modify the virtual machine configuration if necessary.

Bug 22737820