7.30 (SPARC Only) Size of Physical Disk in Oracle VM Manager Incorrect When LUN Size is Decreased on Storage Array

In the event that a LUN is resized directly on the storage array and that LUN is used by an Oracle VM Server for SPARC, the size of the LUN may not be correctly updated in Oracle VM Manager if the LUN size was decreased. This is due to the mechanism that the Oracle VM Agent for SPARC uses to obtain and report on the LUN size, which does not update once the disk is mapped on the server.

This problem does not occur when the LUN size is increased.

Workaround: The reported LUN size can be updated by rebooting the Oracle VM Server for SPARC where the LUN is mapped as a physical disk after you have resized the LUN. Once the server is back online, you must refresh the storage array where the affected LUN is located. The correct size is displayed for the LUN within Oracle VM Manager.

Bug 22087392