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Oracle® ZFS Storage ZS5-ES Service Manual, Release OS8.7.x

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Updated: August 2017

FRU Key Identity Properties Automated Update

Oracle ILOM includes a key identity properties (KIP) auto-update feature that ensures product information that is used for service entitlement and warranty coverage is accurately maintained by the controller at all times, including during hardware replacement activities.

The KIP includes the controller product name, product part number (PPN), and product serial number (PSN). The KIP are stored in the FRUID (field-replaceable unit identifiers) container of the three controller FRUs that are designated quorum members.

The quorum members include:

  • Disk backplane (DBP), designated as a primary quorum member.

  • Motherboard (MB), designated as a backup quorum member.

  • Power supply (PS), designated as a backup quorum member.

When a controller FRU that contains the KIP is removed and a replacement component is installed, the KIP of the replacement component is programmed by Oracle ILOM to contain the same KIP as the other two components.

Note -  Only one of the quorum members can be replaced at a time. Automated updates can only be completed when two of the three quorum members contain matching key identity properties.

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