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Oracle® ZFS Storage ZS5-ES Service Manual, Release OS8.7.x

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Updated: August 2017

Inconsistencies Between DIMM Fault Indicators and the BIOS Isolation of Failed DIMMs

When a single DIMM is marked as failed by Oracle ILOM (for example, fault.memory.intel.dimm.training-failed is listed in the service processor Event Log), BIOS might disable the entire memory channel that contains the failed DIMM, up to three DIMMs. As a result, none of the memory installed in the disabled channel will be available to the operating system. However, when the Fault Remind button is pressed, only the fault status indicator (LED) associated with the failed DIMM lights. The fault LEDs for the other DIMMs in the memory channel remain off. Therefore, you can correctly identify the failed DIMM using the lit LED.