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Oracle® ZFS Storage ZS5-ES Service Manual, Release OS8.7.x

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Updated: August 2017

Prepare the Motherboard for Service

The motherboard is the primary component of the ZS5-ES controller. The motherboard is located at the bottom of the controller chassis.

Before You Begin

  • Record the original SP configuration settings.
    • Host name

    • Oracle ILOM IP address

    • Controller IP address

    • Gateway IP address

    • Netmask IP address

    Note -  If the controller with the faulty motherboard cannot be powered on, contact the system administrator to obtain the above configuration settings.
    1. From the controller with the faulty motherboard, log in to the SP using SSH or a serial connection. For example, to log in using SSH enter:
      $ssh root@zs5-es-sp.xxx.com
      Password: ******
    2. Enter cd /SP and then type show to list the host name and version information.
      -> cd /SP
      -> show
           check_physical_presence = true
           current_hostname = zs5-es-sp
           hostname = zs5-es-sp
           reset_to_defaults = none
           system_contact = (none)
           system_description = Oracle SERVER X5-2, ILOM v3.2.x.xx.x, rxx773
           system_identifier = (none)
           system_location = (none)
    3. Manually copy the settings, or take a screen shot and save it for future use.
    4. Enter cd /SP/network and then type show to list the network configuration.
      -> cd /SP/network
      -> show
        commitpending = (Cannot show property)
        dhcp_clientid = none
        dhcp_server_ip = none
        ipaddress =
        ipdiscovery = static
        ipgateway =
        ipnetmask =
        macaddress = 00:10:E0:3B:E3:E6
        managementport = xxx
        outofbandmacaddress = 00:10:E0:3B:E3:E6
        pendingipaddress =
        pendingipdiscovery = static
        pendingipgateway =
        pendingipnetmask =
        pendingmanagementport = nnnn
        pendingvland_ID (none)
        sidebandmacaddress = 00:10:E0:3B:E3:E7
        state = enabled
        vlan_id = (none)
    5. Manually copy the network configuration settings, or take a screen shot and save it for future use.
    6. Enter cd /System and then type show for the controller's Key Identity Properties. Make note of the following properties:
      • model

      • part_number

      • serial_number

      • component_model

      • component_part_number

      • component_serial_number

      • system_identifier (if applicable)

Next Steps