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Oracle® ZFS Storage ZS5-ES Service Manual, Release OS8.7.x

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Updated: August 2017

Restore the Original SP Settings

Use the following procedure to restore the original SP host name, version information, and network configuration settings to the new motherboard.

Before You Begin

Gather the settings you recorded in Prepare the Motherboard for Service.

  1. Before applying power, connect the cables to the following controller ports:
    1. SER MGT (for Oracle ILOM access)
    2. NET MGT
    3. NET 0
  2. Power on the controller.

    See Power On the Controller.

    Verify that the Power/OK status indicator is steady on.

  3. Log in to the SP through the SER MGT port.
  4. Verify the versions for the SP firmware, Oracle ILOM, and BIOS.
    1. Enter cd /SYS/MB/BIOS and then enter show
    2. If the versions are different, upgrade the firmware, Oracle ILOM, and BIOS.
  5. Restore the original SP host name and power on settings.
    -> cd ../SP
    -> set hostname=<enter original hostname>
    -> set /SP/policy HOST_AUTO_POWER_ON="enabled"
  6. Restore the original SP network settings.
    -> cd /SP/network
    -> set pendingipaddress=<enter original SP IP address>
    -> set pendingipdiscovery=static
    -> set pendingipgateway=<enter original SP IP gateway>
    -> set pendingipnetmask=<enter original SP IP netmask>
    -> set pendingmanagementport=/SYS/MB/NET0
    -> set commitpending=true

    Note -  Once the sideband management port is set to NET 0, Oracle ILOM will no longer respond on the NET MGT port. It will only respond from the host port NET 0.

Next Steps