Sun Blade 6000 Ethernet Switched NEM 24p 10GbE Release 1.2.2 Product Notes

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Updated: March 2016

Required Firmware and Kernel Drivers

  • Sun Blade 6000 Ethernet Switched NEM 24p 10GbE firmware, version or higher

  • Sun Blade 6000 modular system CMM firmware version 3.1.2 or higher

  • Sun Blade X6270 server module service processor firmware version or higher

  • Sun Dual 10GbE PCIe 2.0 FEM:

    • The Oracle Solaris driver, which is bundled in the Oracle Solaris 10 10/09 OS.

    • The Linux driver, version, which is available for download from the Intel web site.

    • ixgbe patches 143355-03 and 143354-03 or later. Refer to the Sun Dual 10GbE SFP +PCIe ExpressModule Release Notes for more information.

  • Sun Dual 10-Gigabit Ethernet XAUI Pass-Thru FEM:

    • nxge driver patches 143521-02 and 143522-02 or later

    • System firmware version 7.2.5 or higher, for netboot support