Sun Blade 6000 Ethernet Switched NEM 24p 10GbE Release 1.2.2 Product Notes

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Updated: March 2016

Restore the Configuration

Note - The administrator must always reset the SNMP engine ID prior to doing the backup or restore operation. Because of CR 6934622, the SNMP engine ID (even when previously set) is not visible after a reset of the system, and the administrator must record and set the ID explicitly.
  1. Configure the network settings on the Oracle ILOM network management interface to communicate with the backup server.
    -> cd /SP/network
  2. Set the passphrase to the same value that was used for backup.

    See Include the SEFOS Configuration in Backups.

    -> cd /SP/config
    -> set passphrase=abc123
    Set 'passphrase' to 'abc123'
  3. Restore the configuration from the server.
    -> set load_uri=ftp://username:password@
    Load successful.

    Note - If DHCP is used for network configuration, the DNS setting is overwritten with values supplied by the DHCP server upon restoration.

    Note - If a syslog server address was configured in Oracle ILOM, the address is not retained when upgrading from the 1.1.0.x release (see CR 7022286). The syslog server setting must be reconfigured after the upgrade or restore.