Sun Blade 6000 Ethernet Switched NEM 24p 10GbE Release 1.2.2 Product Notes

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Updated: March 2016

Updates to 1.2 Release From Patch Update

This patch update includes enhancements, change requests, and corrected issues.

  • Logical Link Aggregation (LLA) is a layer 2 feature providing the aggregation of links from a server connected to two physical switches resulting in increased redundancy and capacity. LLA is only supported when the switch is running a Layer 2 configuration. LLA is not supported in Layer 3 configurations. Refer to the Sun Ethernet Fabric Operating System LLA Administration Guide for more information.

  • Upink Port Trailing Feature monitors the state of the uplink port and manages the downlink ports according to the state of the uplink port. When the uplink goes down, the downlink port(s) will be shut down, providing the HA feature the feedback it needs to switch over to alternate link or path. For more details, refer to the Uplink Trailing Administration Guide.

  • Change Request (CR) fixes. See Issues Corrected in the Patch Update.