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Oracle® x86 Servers Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Guide

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Updated: January 2020

New System

  • Before installing options into a new system, run these diagnostic tests in the following order:
    • HWdiag

    • UEFIdiag

    Tests failed: If the tests identify a server failure:

    • Check the server Product Notes or Release Notes for the product or option for any known conditions that might cause a diagnostic test to fail.

    • If the solution to the problem is not in the Product Notes or Release Notes, assume that the server was damaged in shipment. Terminate the installation process, and notify Oracle Service personnel. This ensures that the server is covered under warranty.

    If you experience a network connectivity problem when placing a server into service for the first time, ensure that the network access point for the server is activated.

    Tests passed: If the server passes the tests and has no optional components to install, you can place the server into service.

    If the server passes the test and you have optional components to install, install the options and re-run the tests.

    • If the server passes the test with the new components installed, you can place the server into service.

    • If the diagnostic tests reveal that a newly installed component is faulty, remove the component and return the component for replacement.