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Oracle® x86 Servers Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Guide

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Updated: January 2020

Filter Log Entries (CLI)

  • From the CLI, issue the show command followed by one or more supported log filter properties.

    For example:

    • To filter the system log entries by subsystem or Event Type, type one of the following:

      show /System/Log/list Subsystem==subsystem

      show /System/Log/list Type==type

    • To filter the event or audit log entries by Class, type show / SP/logs/|event|audit/list Class==class.
    • To filter the event or audit log entries by Class and Type, type show /SP/logs|event|audit/list Class==class Type==type.
    • To filter the event or audit log entries using all the filter properties, type show /SP/logsevent|audit/list Class==class Type==type Severity==value.


    • subsystem is the subsystem component name, for example: System, Cooling, or Processor.

    • type is the event name or the component name where the event occurred, for example: OK, Warning, Service Required, Fann, Processorn, DIMMn, UI, Product, Log, Update, or Action.

    • class is the class event name, for example: System, Fault, Chassis, Software, Audit, BIOS, or Sensor.

    • severity is the event severity, for example: Debug, Down, Critical, Major, or Minor.

    • event|audit indicates a choice between the event and audit log. Type event to filter the event log, or type audit to filter the audit log.

    For other examples of log filter properties, see Log Properties.

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