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Oracle® x86 Servers Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Guide

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Updated: January 2020

Using HWdiag Commands

This section describes how to use the HWdiag command line.

HWdiag commands use the form hwdiag main-command [subcommand ...].

For example:

[(flash)root@ORACLESP-1234567:~]# hwdiag led get /SYS/MB/P1/D8/SERVICE
HWdiag - Build Number 117435 (May 01 2019, 17:05:36)
         Current Date/Time: January 04 2019, 10:52:31
  LED                             VALUE
  /SYS/MB/P1/D8/SERVICE         : off

Many subcommands require an additional subcommand to identify the actual device or devices being acted on. This target can be an individual device or all, which represents all the valid targets for the subcommand. In the above example, hwdiag led get /SYS/MB/P1/D8/SERVICE returns the state of a single LED. If you enter hwdiag led get all, it displays the state of all the system LEDs.

Note -  Main commands and subcommands are case insensitive. However, hwdiag is not. For example, hwdiag led get all is the same as hwdiag LED GET ALL.

If you enter an incomplete command line, the HWdiag utility displays the syntax for the command and a list of valid subcommands. Use this information to re-enter the command with a complete and valid set of parameters and subcommands.

The following display shows an example.

diag> hwdiag temp
HWdiag - Build Number 81018 (January 12 2019 at 00:42:14)

Syntax: hwdiag temp ...

   get [all|<sensor>]
              - Display Temperature Sensor Reading
   info [all|<sensor>]
              - Display Temperature Sensor Information

diag> hwdiag temp get
HWdiag - Build Number 81018 (January 12 2019 at 00:42:14)

Syntax: hwdiag temp get all|<sensor>

Valid Options for Temperature :
  ALL                             /SYS/MB/T_IN_PS
  /SYS/MB/P0                      /SYS/MB/T_IN_ZONE1
  /SYS/MB/P1                      /SYS/MB/T_IN_ZONE2
  /SYS/MB/P2                      /SYS/MB/T_IN_ZONE3
  /SYS/MB/P3                      /SYS/MB/T_IN_ZONE4
  /SYS/MB/T_CORE_NET01            /SYS/MB/T_OUT_SLOT1
  /SYS/MB/T_CORE_NET23            /SYS/T_FRONT

diag> hwdiag temp get all
HWdiag - Build Number 81018 (January 12 2019 at 00:42:14)
  DEVICE                          TEMP
  /SYS/MB/P0                    : 64.00 margin
  /SYS/MB/P1                    : 64.00 margin
  /SYS/MB/P2                    : 63.00 margin
  /SYS/MB/P3                    : 64.00 margin
  /SYS/MB/T_CORE_NET01          : 38.75 deg C
  /SYS/MB/T_CORE_NET23          : 38.00 deg C
  /SYS/MB/T_IN_PS               : 26.75 deg C
  /SYS/MB/T_IN_ZONE1            : 30.75 deg C
  /SYS/MB/T_IN_ZONE2            : 30.75 deg C
  /SYS/MB/T_IN_ZONE3            : 29.50 deg C
  /SYS/MB/T_IN_ZONE4            : 28.25 deg C
  /SYS/MB/T_OUT_SLOT1           : 29.75 deg C
  /SYS/T_FRONT                  : 24.50 deg C