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Oracle® x86 Servers Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Guide

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Updated: January 2020

Start Oracle VTS Software (GUI)

The graphical user interface is a standalone user interface. Start the Java GUI on the same machine under test that has the Oracle VTS kernel running. The GUI does not allow remote connection.

  1. Review important information and perform any necessary steps before starting the software.

    For details, refer to the Oracle VTS 8.2.0 Software User's Guide at: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E83848_01/.

  2. To start the graphical user interface, type:

    # cd /usr/sunvts/bin

    # ./startsunvts -g

  3. Press c to select Graphic User Interface.

    The Oracle VTS main window appears.

    image:Figure of Oracle Validation Test Suite main window.
  4. To begin testing, see Run Oracle VTS Software (GUI).