The business layer classes contain the logic for managing gift lists and items. The methods within these classes are used to create, update, and delete selected gift lists for a given customer. The business layer components are the interface to the Giftlists repository. All calls to modify a gift list are made through these classes.

Gift list business layer classes include the following:

Because these classes do not contain any state, it makes sense for them to exist as globally-scoped services in Oracle ATG Web Commerce. Rather than constructing a new object when required, Commerce places one instance of each component into the Nucleus hierarchy to be shared. They can be found in the hierarchy under:

Note: Gift lists use the ClientLockManager component to control locks on repository items. The ClientLockManager prevents a deadlock situation or data corruption that could occur when multiple customers update the same gift list. The ClientLockManager is located at /atg/dynamo/service/ClientLockManager. See the Using Locking in Fulfillment section of the Fulfillment Framework chapter for more information on the ClientLockManager.

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