The ElectronicFulfiller is used to fulfill any type of good that is delivered electronically. Electronic goods should be associated with an ElectronicShippingGroup. The ElectronicFulfiller then fulfills the order by calling the appropriate pipeline chain.

Currently, the only items that use the ElectronicFulfiller are gift certificates. The ElectronicFulfiller could be used to fulfill any item using the following two actions

For more information on claimable items, see the Configuring Commerce Services chapter.

Electronic goods are fulfilled differently than hard goods. Electronic goods can take on a variety of forms. ElectronicFulfiller creates items in a repository. These items represent an electronic good that the user can then obtain.

The ElectronicFulfiller is responsible for fulfilling the order of various electronic goods. ElectronicFulfiller fulfills electronic goods by performing two actions:

  • Creating an entry in a repository that represents the electronic good that the user can purchase.

  • Notifying a user that an electronic good is waiting for them to claim.

By default, Oracle ATG Web Commerce includes a component called SoftgoodFulfiller, which is located at /atg/commerce/fulfillment/SoftgoodFulfiller. This component is an instance of the atg.commerce.fulfillment.ElectronicFulfiller.

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