To settle a return, the return must be in a FULL_RETURN state. This means that all items being returned that require return shipment have been marked as received by the merchant.

The API can determine which items, if any, must be shipped back to the merchant and manually marked as received.

Each ReturnItem has a returnShipmentRequired property, which controls whether it item must be shipped back to the merchant. This flag is initially set by the ReturnManager's setReturnShipmentRequiredForReturnItem API, which sets it to false if the ReturnManager's processImmediately flag is true.

The ReturnManager.processImmediately flag is a global configuration that sets the initial value of each ReturnItem's returnShipmentRequired property.

For example, if the ReturnManager's processImmediately flag is set to true, each ReturnItem's returnShipmentRequired property will initially be set to false. And, when the return is confirmed, none of the items will require return shipment. The return’s state is then set to FULL_RETURN and the return is considered settled immediately.

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