The SubmitOrder message is sent to the OrderFulfiller when the order is submitted for fulfillment. The SubmitOrder message, like all of the other messages in fulfillment, is a serializable object contained within a JMS object message. The message includes a serialized order object containing all the information needed to fulfill the order.

The SubmitOrder message is sent at the end of the checkout process. The message is constructed and sent in a processor as part of the processOrder chain called sendFulfillmentMessage. The properties are in /atg/commerce/order/processor/SendFulfillmentMessage.

In the default implementation, the SubmitOrder message is sent over localdms to the ScenarioManager and to the MessageForwardFilter. The MessageForwardFilter forwards the message over sqldms to the /Fulfillment/SubmitOrder durable topic. The OrderFulfiller is the only listener on that durable topic. See the Dynamo Message System chapter in the ATG Platform Programming GuideATG Platform Programming Guide for more information. See the OrderFulfiller Class section for more details about what happens after the message is received.

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