Each ModifyOrder and ModifyOrderNotification message contains an array of Modification objects. The Modification class is the base class for each of these modification objects. All modifications represent some change to a specified Order. In the default implementation of Oracle ATG Web Commerce, there are four types of Modification objects: ADD, REMOVE, UPDATE, or SHIPPING_GROUP_UPDATE. Refer to GenericAdd, GenericRemove, GenericUpdate, and ShippingGroupUpdate for more information.

Each Modification also targets a specific kind of object within an Order. For example, the Modification can remove a shipping group. The different possible targets are TARGET_ITEM, TARGET_SHIPPING_GROUP, TARGET_PAYMENT_GROUP, TARGET_ORDER, or TARGET_RELATIONSHIP. A status for each modification indicates success or failure.

The IdTargetModification and IdContainerModification classes are two abstract subclasses of Modification. For more information, see the ATG Platform API Reference.

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