The OrderFulfillerModificationHandler class extends the ModificationHandler interface. It is configured to handle the ModifyOrder and ModifyOrderNotification messages for the OrderFulfiller class. The OrderFulfiller class contains the ModificationHandler property, which deals with both ModifyOrder and ModifyOrderNotification messages. To change the handling behavior of ModifyOrder and ModifyOrderNotification messages, extend the OrderFulfillerModificationHandler class and change the ModificationHandler property of OrderFulfiller to point to the new class.

The default implementation deals with the following ModifyOrder modifications:

The default implementation deals with the following ModifyOrderNotification modifications:

  • Shipping group’s state changes to NO_PENDING_ACTION, PENDING_MERCHANT_ACTION, PENDING_REMOVE, or failure to change to PENDING_REMOVE.

  • When a customer updates a shipping group, the OrderFulfiller sends a ModifyOrderNotification message to the fulfiller responsible for this shipping group. This forces a reprocessing of the shipping group.

The Oracle ATG Web Commerce default implementation settles payment on first or last shipment of the shipping groups. You can configure when to charge payment in the SettleOnFirstShipment property of the OrderFulfiller. By default, charging takes place after the shipment of the last shipping group. The settlement is for the total value of the order. If settlement occurs on first shipment and a shipping group that has not been shipped is cancelled, a credit must be issued for the items that were paid for but never shipped.

The extendible infrastructure allows all types of ModifyOrder messages and ModifyOrderNotifications depending on your business requirements.

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