The ReturnRequest provides access to the ItemPriceSource objects that are generated for the return. These objects are generated from the pricing information on the original order and any replacement orders. The ItemPriceSource objects are then passed to all pricing operations run against the working and exchange orders. As such, any additional ItemPriceSource objects that have been added to the ReturnRequest would automatically be used in all pricing operations. The ReturnRequest contains the following methods that allow you to add ItemPriceSource objects:

public List getItemPriceSources()
public void setItemPriceSources(List pItemPriceSources)

ReturnManager uses the following method to generate ItemPriceSources:

protected void generateItemPriceSources(ReturnRequest pReturnRequest)

Note: If you are using other sources of legacy pricing, it is best to integrate them into the generateItemPriceSources method.

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