The ReturnManager creates Java Messaging Service (JMS) message for the following events. Each event appears as an event option in the Scenario Editor:




This event is fired whenever a new return is confirmed and saved to the repository.


This event is fired whenever a return is finished and there are no more actions required in the process.


This event fires whenever the returned merchandise is received. It has the following properties:

returnItemToQuantityReceived – Maps the return item ID to the quantity received

returnItemToReceivedDisposition – Maps the return item ID to the received disposition

The /atg/commerce/custsvc/returns/ReturnEventMessageSource component is the message source for all return events. The JMS types and port names for each type of return message is configured using the messageTypeToPortName and messageTypeToJMSType. For example:


#maps the port name used for each message type. Types not appearing in the map
#will use the default  port

#maps the JMS type used for each message type

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