A JSP must import the ATG platform’s DSP tag library so it access Nucleus components. The following page directive specifies the DSP tag library location and the dsp prefix to use for its tags:

<%@ taglib uri="http://www.atg.com/taglibs/daf/dspjspTaglib1_0" prefix="dsp" %>

Below the DSP tag libraries import statements, dsp:page tags enclose the remaining document. These tags facilitate ATG page processing and must be included in each page as they are in this example.

Changing the tag library directive

There are two ways to deploy a tag library. By default, the DSP tag libraries tld files are kept in the tag library JAR file inside WEBINF/lib. The URI used in JSP page directives are defined in the tld itself.

The URI in the page directive must match the URI that is specified in either the tag library’s tld file (as is the case with the DSP tag libraries) or web.xml. In order to define a different URI for the DSP tag libraries, specify the new URI and tld file location in web.xml. Then, the JSPs can use either the default or the new URI.

For information about making your J2EE application ready for deployment, see the pertinent documentation of your application server.

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