Parses an XML document and transforms it into a DOM document.

Class Name




Required Input Parameters


Optional Input Parameters


The XML document to parse. This can be either the absolute or relative URL for an XML document. If omitted, the open parameter unset executes.


Determines whether the parser should validate this document against the DTD specified in the input parameter. Options include:

If the XML document lacks a DTD, you must omit this parameter.

Output Parameters


Set to a DOM document if the XML document is successfully retrieved and parsed.


Set to an enumeration of Exceptions if failures occurred when parsing or retrieving the XML document.

Open Parameters


Rendered if the input parameter is not set.


Rendered if the XML document is retrieved and parsed.


Rendered when the XML document cannot be parsed or retrieved.

Usage Notes

XMLToDOM parses an XML document that is specified by the input parameter. The result of the parse is bound to the document parameter, which can then be manipulated inside the output open parameter.

XMLToDOM does not have any inherent way to output its results. You typically nest within its output parameter a servlet bean or code that can handle the resulting Data Object Model (DOM) component.


See Processing XML in a JSP.

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