Displays one of several possible outputs, depending on input parameter value.

Class Name




Required Input Parameters


The test value used to determine which output parameter to execute. The Switch value is turned into a string and used as the name of the parameter to render. For example, if the value parameter is a Boolean that is set to true, the Switch servlet bean executes the true output parameter.

Open Parameters

You can define an open parameter for each possible value of the value input parameter. For example, if the Switch value is a Boolean, you can define open parameters true and false as follows:

 <dsp:oparam name="false">

 <dsp:oparam name="true">

Note: Open parameter names cannot embed dot (.) or backslash (/) characters in their names or values.


The value to render if the value parameter is empty.


Rendered if the value parameter is undefined or its value (converted to a String) does not match any output parameters.

Usage Notes

Switch conditionally renders one of its open parameters based on the value of its value input parameter. This value is turned into a string and used as the name of the parameter to render for this case. You can use Switch to compare two dynamically defined values by setting the name of one open parameter to one value and the Switch servlet bean’s value parameter to the other.


In this example, the ATG platform imports the Switch servlet bean with dsp:importbean. For each person, this example outputs a row in a table that lists the person’s name, skill level, and whether the person has a car. Depending on the value of the person.hasCar parameter, Switch displays the capacity of the person’s car. A second use of Switch outputs 1 person if the car capacity is one, and n people if the car capacity is a different value.

<dsp:importbean bean="/atg/dynamo/droplet/Switch"/>

  <td valign=top><dsp:valueof param="person.name"/></td>
  <td valign=top><dsp:valueof param="person.skillLevel"/></td>
  <td valign=top>
    <dsp:droplet name="Switch">
      <dsp:param name="value" param="person.hasCar"/>
      <dsp:oparam name="false">
      <dsp:oparam name="true">
        can carry <dsp:valueof param="person.carCapacity"/>
        <dsp:droplet name="Switch">
          <dsp:param name="value" param="carCapacity"/>
          <dsp:oparam name="1"> person</dsp:oparam>
          <dsp:oparam name="default"> people</dsp:oparam>

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