The advanced search feature lets you specify a range of values, as in this example:

Find all recipes that take between 5 minutes and 25 minutes to cook

The advancedSearchPropertyRanges property is a HashMap that you can set to hold maximum and minimum values. You create a range by setting a property’s max and min keys and their respective values. For example:

<dsp:input type="text" bean=
 "MyAdvSearchFH.advancedSearchPropertyRanges.recipe.cookTime.min" value="5"/>
<dsp:input type="text" bean=
 "MyAdvSearchFH.advancedSearchPropertyRanges.recipe.cookTime.max" value="25"/>

In this example, recipe is an item type defined for the repository that supports this search component (MyAdvancedSearchFormHandler). The cookTime property is a primitive string. If another primitive type were used, a tag converter would be inserted as part of the value phrase.

Range settings are inclusive: in this example, the search result can include recipes that take 5 and 25 minutes to cook. You can leave the search range open at either end by leaving the maximum or minimum value undefined. For example:

Find all recipes that use at least 8 tomatoes

The code to implement this search might look like this:

<dsp:input type="text"
 bean="MyAdvSearchFH.advancedSearchPropertyRanges.recipe.tomatoes.min" value="8"/>

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