On form submission, DAF sets all properties from form input tags in a predetermined order. The ATG platform uses its own algorithm to determine the default order for processing form tags. You can also explicitly set the sequence in which input tags are processed.

Default order

The ATG platform assigns a default priority to all form controls, which determines the order in which they are processed on form submission. Every form element is assigned a positive or negative integer, or zero, as its priority value:

On form submission, elements are processed in descending order of priority. Elements with the same priority are processed in the order they are initially rendered—typically, the same order of their appearance on the page. However, use of conditional logic such as servlet beans can cause the order of rendering elements to differ from their order of appearance on the page.

Manually set order

You can explicitly set the priority of specific input elements by setting their priority attribute. For example, you can ensure that a given property is always processed first by giving it a high priority setting as follows:

<dsp:input type="text" priority="10" bean="/samples/Student_01.name"/>

Any elements whose priority is not explicitly set use the default priority that the ATG platform assigns to them, as described earlier. Priority values must be literal integers; they cannot be represented by an expression.

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