The default values for MultiProfileUpdateFormHandler properties are generally configured correctly for most situations. You can reset the properties of a MultiProfileUpdateFormHandler component in two ways:

The effect of property settings depends on the scope of the MultiProfileUpdateFormHandler instance. For more information, see Multi-Profile Form Handler Scope.

The MultiProfileUpdateFormHandler also shares a number of properties with the ProfileFormHandler, which serve the same purpose. These include trimProperties and confirmPassword.


A Boolean, clears the value Dictionary on submission of a form that deletes users. The default value is false.


A Boolean, clears the value Dictionary on submission of a form to update users. The default value is true.


A Boolean, specifies whether the user is required to confirm an old password when changing the password property. The default value is false.


Identical to the ProfileFormHandler property extractDefaultValuesFromProfile.


A Boolean, specifies whether to send a JMS message when a profile is updated. The default value is false.


Contains a link to the ProfileTools component. The MultiProfileUpdateFormHandler uses this component to perform operations that are common to all ProfileFormHandlers. See Using ProfileFormHandlers in the Working With Forms and Form Handlers chapter of the ATG Platform Programming Guide.


Holds the property update information when generating ProfileUpdateEvents.


Generates the ProfileUpdateEvents when requested.


A String array that represents the list of existing user profiles to update or delete. You must provide this list in order to update or delete existing repository profiles.

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