Two form handler components are available that let administrators create and update multiple user profiles at the same time:

Both components can differentiate profile properties whose values are shared, from those that must be set for each user. Both handlers have the same Nucleus path, located in /atg/userprofiling/.

Because login and logout properties are designed for single users who update their own profiles, these are omitted from the multi-profile form handlers. A user who has access to multiple forms is typically an administrator is already logged into the Web site, and is granted the necessary permissions to modify multiple profiles. For example, in the Motorprise Reference Application, a user logs in as a Web site administrator and is then granted security permission to edit multiple profiles. For more information, see the ATG Business Commerce Reference Application Guide.

You can use multi-profile form handlers to perform the following tasks:

  • Assign roles to a group of user profiles.

  • Assign a group of user profiles to the same organization.

  • Perform the same changes to a group of user profiles—for example, update contact information for relocated employees, or delete an entire group of user profiles.

For more information on working with roles and organizations see the Working with the Dynamo User Directory chapter in the ATG Personalization Programming Guide.

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