An application can distribute search results across several pages and provide cues that facilitate access to those pages. The following example uses search results properties together with the Compare servlet bean to set the range of items that appear on the first results page:

<dsp:droplet name="Compare">
  <dsp:param bean="MyAdvancedNavigationSearch.resultSetSize" name="obj1"/>
  <dsp:param bean="MyAdvancedNavigationSearch.maxResultsPerPage" name="obj2"/>
  <dsp:oparam name="greaterthan">
       <dsp:valueof bean="AdvancedNavigationSearch.startCount"/>
       <dsp:valueof bean="AdvancedNavigationSearch.endCount"/>
       <dsp:valueof bean="MyAdvancedNavigationSearch.resultSetSize"/>

In this example, the Compare servlet bean compares the number of items returned from the search (resultSetSize) to the maximum number of items set to appear on a page (maxResultsPerPage). When the query returns more items than can be displayed on one page, the first results page displays the range of items with the properties startCount and endCount, and the total number of returned items with resultSetSize.

For example, given the following property settings:


The previous code yields this display:

Results 1  25 of 372

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