ATG Control Center creates and maintains indexes of components. Any components you create, either through the ATG Control Center or by creating .properties files by hand, appear in the Local module of the Component Browser once you rebuild the component index or restart the ATG platform. By rebuilding a component index, you free up the ACC to display components at a quicker rate. To rebuild the component index while the ATG platform is running, select Tools > Rebuild Component Index in the Components task area.

For sites with large numbers of components, indexing can take substantial time and CPU resources. Once your site is deployed and relatively stable, you may want to limit or eliminate component indexing.

You can selectively exclude portions of the hierarchy from indexing by adding pathname prefixes to the excludeDirectories property of the /atg/devtools/ComponentIndex component. Including “/” in this list inhibits all indexing, but still leaves the ATG Control Center able to connect.

The component index is maintained incrementally once built, and is rebuilt completely once a day at 1 AM by default. An index is rebuilt at startup only if it does not exist at all. If you’d like to change the frequency of the index building, modify the updateSchedule property of the atg/devtools/IndexBuilder component. For information on the format used by updateSchedule, see the Scheduler section in the Core ATG Services chapter of the ATG Platform Programming Guide.

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