ATG form handlers provide a number of submission operations that are specific to the form handler type—for example, the RepositoryFormHandler supports create, update, and delete operations. Each submission operation typically supports a pair of navigation properties that can be set to redirect the user to another URL on the success or failure of the operation. If set, these navigation properties override the form’s action attribute. Navigation property names generally have the following format:


Thus, the RepositoryFormHandler’s update operation supports two navigation properties: updateSuccessURL and updateErrorURL.

Navigation properties are set through hidden input tags. For example, the following hidden input tag redirects users to updateStockFailure.jsp in the event that an update operation fails:

<dsp:input type="hidden"

For more information about navigation properties, see later chapters on specific form handlers.

Caution: If you set an errorURL property to the name of the originating form and the corresponding operation fails, on redirect all fields on that form are emptied of their previous values. In order to avoid this, the errorURL must explicitly pass back the field values you wish to retain.

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