ATG Control Center includes templates to help you create Nucleus components quickly and easily. There are the standard templates you’ll see when you select [all modules]:

Standard template


Empty Targeter

Create an iterator component that lets you specify the order in which content is rendered to a subset of users.

Generic Component

Create components from existing Nucleus classes or other Java classes.

HTML File Repository

Define an HTML repository by specifying the files it will contain and the attributes that describe them.


Set up a slot by letting you determine the repository items it manages and how it manages them.

SQL Form Handler

Create a component for inserting, updating, and deleting objects in a specified SQL table.

SQL Query

Create a component that performs queries against a SQL database.

XML File Repository

Define an XML repository by specifying the files it contains and the attributes that describe them.

Note: If your ATG software includes solutions in addition to the ATG platform, you will see several additional templates.

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